Two Arrested In Tampa Armed Robbery

Two people, Staton Quinton, 20, and Nelson Carrasquillo, 52, are arrested accused of armed robbery in Tampa.

The victim, Gerald Daring, was walking in the area of N. 50th Street and E. 97th Avenue on Monday morning at 12:01 am. A silver pickup truck pulled up along side victim and the suspect passenger exited.

The suspect passenger brandished a firearm and demanded the victim’s property. Being in fear, the victim gave the suspect passenger his cell phone. The suspect passenger and suspect driver fled in a silver 1997 Nissan XE.

Once police arrived, a BOLO was issued for the pickup truck. Within minutes, a traffic stop was conducted and the occupants were detained. During the investigation, the victim positively identified the suspect passenger.

A firearm, with an altered serial number, was recovered from inside the cab of the pickup truck.

The victim’s cell phone was recovered from inside the pickup truck as well.

There were no injuries reported.