Tampa, Orlando Come In Top 50 For Worst-Run Cities

Tampa, FL is a place known for its beaches and the sunshine. However, a recent study by WalletHub has the city listed at the 47th worst-run city in America.

WalletHub’s 2017’s Best- & Worst-Run Cities In America listed six Florida cities in the top 50 for worst-run. Orlando, Jacksonville, Miami, Tallahassee, and Fort Lauderdale, unfortunately, made the list with Tampa. The study was brought on by recent scrutiny of a state governor.

“With New Jersey Governor Chris Christie recently facing criticism for using a beach closed to the public amid the statewide government shutdown and other states’ budget impasses threatening city governments with financial uncertainty, the personal finance website WalletHub conducted this in-depth analysis,” said Diana Popa, WalletHub Communications Manager.

Source: WalletHub

For this study the personal finance site compared 150 of the most populated cities across six categories: 1) Financial Stability, 2) Education, 3) Health, 4) Safety, 5) Economy and 6) Infrastructure & Pollution.

Coming in as the best-run city was Nampa, ID while Washington, DC came in as the worst-run city.

Breaking down the categories, Hialeah, FL was the third-ranked city for “lowest average household income.” But on the flip side, Tallahassee and Jacksonville did receive some good rankings.

The cities came in as the top two for the highest quality of roads. Tallahassee has the lowest share of pavements in poor condition at two percent, which is 36 times lower than in San Francisco and Oakland with the highest at 71 percent.