Police Wrong for Boycotting Beyonce Concert

TAMPA – The police need to do their job. It is not the job of individual members of any police department – in Tampa or anywhere else – to make a decision about who they will and won’t protect. They are here to serve and protect the entire public, not just those people they happen to agree with politically.

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They are playing right into Beyonce’s hands. They should be deaf to the political conversations surrounding them. They should be colorblind to their local community. By taking a stand, saying they won’t protect, they are reenforcing Black Lives Matter’s argument that police don’t care about them or the black community.

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This is more than just a problem of the police. Politicians seem to be in office only to serve those who have contributed to their campaigns or those who voted for them. But that’s not what their elected fourth. They are elected to serve all the people. It would help both police and politicians to keep their jobs if they remembered just exactly what those jobs were.

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