Tampa Bay Bucs Should Pack Their Bags and Leave

TAMPA BAY – The Bucs want to secede from the United States. Siege the Day. Or is Secede the Day? The Bucs are flirting with the idea of playing two home games in London. Citing they rarely sell out for the reason behind the potential move.

Hillsborough County has invested $169 million in the Bucs for their stadium.

The Glazer’s are sports whores and they will go wherever the money is. The idea that they are loyal to a community is an illusion. They would go to the Middle East if there was more money there. Coming soon; Qatar Bucs.

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Billionaires chastising sports markets for “not supporting” is increasingly tiresome. Professional sports teams are not loyal to the local market and then are angry when the market is not loyal to them. The Bucs should start with winning. They are 27-53 over the last 5 years.

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The the East End. They try to promote team loyalty and one day you will wake up and you will realize it is not recupitcated in any way.

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