Tampa Man Shoots Intruding Nephew

The Tampa Police Department is on the scene of an Armed Burglary at 2918 Chipco Street. The suspect, which is the victim’s nephew Isaiah, broke into the bedroom window armed with a knife.

Melchisadec “Maya” Williams was in bed when his power went off, then he heard his window shatter. Williams got out his gun and fired once in the direction of the window. It turns out he shot his nephew. He was transported to Tampa General with critical injuries.

Williams, who is legally blind, was not injured and is being interviewed by detectives.

According to Tampa police, Williams called out to see if it was his nephew but there was no response. Even though he’s legally blind, he still could see a silhouette and a flashlight moving around.

He feared for his life and fired. Once the suspect talked, he recognized the voice as his nephew, Carter, and called 9-1-1.

According to authorities, the suspect’s mother was having trouble controlling him so for the last month he has been living with his uncle, Melchisedec Williams. The uncle was also experiencing trouble with the teenager until a week ago when the teen took off without notifying the uncle. He had not heard from Carter until he broke into the home last night.

No charges have been filed as of yet.