Should Gun Store Owners Be Held Responsible for Stolen Product?

TAMPA BAY – A Wesley Chapel gun shop – Grey Wolf Armory – has been hit for a second time this year by thieves. Both times, they smashed a hole in the side of this building with a hammer. The first time, they got just a single handgun. This time, they got 30 handguns, two rifles and a sniper rifle. What will happen to these guns? They’ll show up on the black market and likely will be used in a crime.

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There is a stunning lack of security requirements for Florida gun stores because the state GOP thinks people will secure their own inventory without being told. As a business owner, why would you do that? If you’re not required to add an additional level of safety, unless you’re flush with cash, why would you spend the money on it?

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The government needs to step up. Guns are dangerous. So why not take the step. There’s nothing about requiring special safety measures for gun stores that violates the Second Amendment. So, when a gun store is robbed… should the gun store be held responsible? Ultimately, the responsibility lies with with those who would stand in the way of reasonable regulation of firearms.

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