Second Suspect Arrested In Craigslist Murder

Police Arrest Second Suspect In Pasco Man’s Killing

Late Wednesday Tampa police arrested a second suspect wanted in the murder of a Pasco County man who was trying to sell his son’s dirt bike.

Dontae Johnson, 17, is being charged with first-degree felony murder, robbery and discharging a firearm in public. Ramontrae Williams, 16, was arrested by Tampa Police first and charged with first-degree felony murder and robbery.

Left to Right: Williams, Johnson. Photo: abc action news

The murder took place on Tuesday night during a Craigslist meet-up over a dirt bike. The seller arranged to meet with the possibly buyer in Tampa and supposedly the buyer brought and turned a gun on the seller’s father.

James Beck’s son had been the one to post the ad on Craigslist to sell his dirt bike.

Beck’s son arranged the meet-up with the potential buyer. Beck, 44, and his son traveled to Tampa with the bike in the bed of their truck. The meet-up took place near N 18th Street and East 24th Avenue and police say it was clear the two potential buyers intended to rob the victims.

One suspect shot Beck and then both took the dirt bike.

A witness that saw the incident told abc action news what she saw.

“I run down there and I begin to help the little boy you know give his Dad CPR,” said Lashauna Hopson to abc action news.

They both tried to save Beck’s life.

Photo: abc action news

“I was like so where did he get shot and that’s when he pulled up his shirt and you could see he had two gunshot wounds to his neck,” she said to abc action news. “He told his Dad I told you not to do this and it just touched me in a way, because I have kids. It was like, just very sad.”

Another neighbor said children saw the shooting as well. Beck died at the scene from his injuries.

“He was a wonderful man, he had a great sense of humor, always knew how to make someone laugh,” said Stuart Beck, James’ son who witnessed the shooting, to abc action news.

On Wednesday a GoFundMe was created to help the Beck family during this sad time.