Occupy ICE Misguided, But Do They Have A Point?

Some major unanswered questions with immigration enforcement

A new protest movement called Occupy ICE has come to Tampa, flooding the local Homeland Security facilities in order to raise awareness for their desire to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  On Florida Live, host Dan Maduri breaks down the protest’s pros and cons.

As Dan immediately points out, ICE is more than just deportation.  Customs, a vital part of the security of America’s ports and airports, also fall under the agency’s purview.  The negative stories about the agency in 2018 are worthy of note, but they do not tell the whole story.  Simply abolishing the entire organization would cause chaos in ways that are not necessarily obvious.

Of course, none of that diminishes the sad and hard-to-swallow stories that come out of the deportation process.  Look beyond the extreme nature of the calls for ICE’s abolishment, and a lot of the protesters’ talking points have at least some validity behind them.  It is nearly impossible to ignore the children who have been effectively lost in the system, with ICE unable to reunite them with their parents.  It is easy to see why people are protesting, and why people are upset, even when one does not necessarily agree with the goal of the protesters.

With some upset by the protests and others protesting, where does the truth hide?  Dan suggests that management at ICE has allowed the situation to deteriorate quite a bit, and with President Trump putting a focus on immigration that cannot stand.  To be a more effective body, Immigration and Customs Enforcement should take a top-down approach toward cleaning up some of their clerical clutter and making sure that when they do what they do they do it effectively.

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