New Craze Hits Tampa Bay

There’s a new craze going around and it has hit Tampa Bay. The craze originated in San Francisco and has spread.

People are leaving random amounts of cash around Tampa Bay and tweeting clues. The handle, if you want to get in on it, is @hiddencashTPA. Find the money, tweet a picture of yourself with the cash, and congrats. Your life is that much better.

Yesterday the first clue was tweeted at 10am.

Tom Brown solved the clue and found sixty dollars at Hillsborough Avenue and Tampa Road. Brown got the tip from a family friend who knows where he lives.

“One of my wife’s crazy girl friends called me and said, ‘did you ever hear about the hidden cash thing going on in San Francisco’,” said Brown, via WFLA. “And she said ‘looks like someone taped an envelope real close to you’.”

“I got in the truck and I drove over here,” Brown continued. “Right there on this big pole was an envelope taped here.”

You too could find free money. Just go to Twitter, follow @HiddenCashTPA, and start hunting. If you don’t have a Twitter account, it takes two seconds to make one. If nothing else, use it to possibly find free money. You know what they say: People will do anything for money.