One of the most popular politicians in Florida is Dick Greco who served as the mayor of the city of Tampa not once but four times. His first time two terms as mayor was from 1967 through 1974 when he left office to move into the private sector. He returned to served second two terms as the mayor in 1999 when he ran unopposed and served until 2003 when because of term limits he was unable to run.

Now at the age of 83 Greco is in another battle, this time it has nothing to do with politics but with his life. On Monday from his room at Florida Hospital in Tampa he did his weekly radio show The News Hour with Dick Greco and Dan Maduri on News Talk Florida’s flagship station WWBA AM 820.

Greco is in recovery after suffering from a hernia that burst inside his stomach causing complications as it also ruptured his bowls nearly killing him. Greco was dealing with his hernia for over a year but never told anyone of the health issue. He discusses what happened and the road to recovery from his hospital room exclusively with his long time co-host News Talk Florida’s Dan Maduri.

Here are some of the highlights of the interview. To hear it in its entirety please just chick here.   

Maduri: Talk about your how your hernia nearly killed you?

Greco: I did something stupid I had something growing in my stomach like a hernia and I did not want to burden my wife, who is a doctor [Linda McClintock- Greco] and she just lost her mother. I figured that I would take care of the problem when the time was right and well something happened that sped the process up. A couple of weeks ago my wife saw that my hernia had grown to the size of a baseball and it burst. We were rushed to the emergency room here at Florida Hospital where they performed surgery that night. The medial team here saved my life and of course I will be forever grateful for their efforts, but this was my entire fault.

I have been a very fortunate person as I think I have been in the hospital only twice in my entire life. I didn’t want to burden my wife who was grieving the loss of her mother, but what I did was stupid because I could have died that night. There is no question I feel funny about this because all I had to do was pick up the phone and ask for help. That’s what I want people to learn from my mistake — get medical help as soon as you need it.