Hall: Buckhorn is Enjoying the Present, Not Planning for Future

TAMPA BAY – Florida has over a 1000 people moving there a day. Its infrastructure can not support the growth and there is no one in local, city, county or state government that views it as a pressing issue.

“City of Tampa Mayor Buckhorn is enjoying the present, he’s not planning for future. He has benefited from a lot of things that have been announced during his tenure.” Chairman of Tucker Hall, Tom Hall states.

Tampa a city of potential but will it ever blossom?

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Hall also goes on to press the importance of readying transportation that gets cars off the streets. “1000 people moving here a day. We need to prepare ourselves for tomorrow. Right now, we aren’t.”

Lack of mass transit in Florida:

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 Traveling to Cuba, Hall, notice great opportunity for the City of Tampa and the Bay area in general.

Cuba/Tampa relations and business opportunities:

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Can Tampa Bay residents afford to keep/support the Rays?

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