Go Hillsborough Shot Down, Tampa Braces for Traffic

TAMPA BAY – The Hillsborough County Commissioners voted down putting a sales tax referendum on the November 8 ballot. Had it passed, the plan would have brought a half-cent per dollar sales tax increase. It would have gone to fund road repairs, safety measures, new transit options and routes aimed at alleviating Hillsborough County’s chronic congestion.

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Paying taxes is never fun. No one wants to do it. Americans have a fine history – even in extreme circumstances – of not wanting to pay taxes. The America Revolution would probably never have happened were it not for the tax on tea which touched off the Boston Tea Party. The Continental Army almost starved to death because once the colonies decided to fight England, they wouldn’t tax themselves to fund the troops.

But we need taxes to enjoy the modern life that we do. If we want freeways and buses and stoplights that tell other cars not to crash into ours, we need to pay money for that. It’s not free. And if we always reject the idea of paying for something almost all of us want, we’re rejecting modern life. Let’s not go there. The Dark Ages weren’t so great…


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