Freedom High School Teacher Let Child Drive Her To Waffle House

Intoxicated High School Teacher Let Child Drive Her To Waffle House

Sometimes Waffle House is just too good to resist. At least that was the case for one Freedom High School teacher who is accused of letting a child drive her to a local Waffle House.

32-year-old high school math teacher Terra Virgin was arrested by Tampa police on child neglect charges. Supposedly Virgin let a 14-year-old boy drive her while she was drinking.

Police say the teacher had five drinks and was too drunk to drive so she pulled over near the intersection of Kennedy Boulevard and Westland Avenue at about 11:15 Sunday night to let the child drive.

Photo: Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office booking

Upon being pulled over police say there was an open beer in the cup holder of the car. The teen child driving is Virgin boyfriend’s son. Virgin told police she wanted the boy to drive to Waffle House.

Virgin has only been a teacher at Freedom High for one week, per Hillsborough COunty School District spokesperson, Tanya Arja and abc action news.

She has been employed by the district since 2013 and worked at Ben Hill Middle School before Freedom High. Virgin will have to meet with the district’s Office of Professional Standards.

Virgin was bonded out Monday afternoon. She is facing one count of child neglect and one count of permitting unauthorized minor to drive. She has no previous arrest history in Hillsborough County.