Bradenton Mom Who Stuffed Daughter’s Body In Freezer To Take Plea Deal

The Bradenton mother who abused and killed her young daughter before stuffing her body in a freezer is reportedly taking a plea deal.

Details of the deal are not public yet, but it comes just weeks before Keishanna Thomas, 33, was to stand trial for first degree murder.

She could have gotten life in prison if convicted. Thomas was arrested two years ago just before the body of 11 year old Janiya Thomas was found in a freezer at relative’s home.

Keishanna Thomas had asked the relative to keep the freezer on the pretense that she didn’t want the meat inside to spoil while she was being evicted from her home.

A judge jailed Thomas when she refused to tell where Janiya was. Her disappearance came to light when children and families were called to the home for allegations that Thomas was abusing her son.