Florida Fifth-Grader Puts Kill List of Classmates into Motion

TEMPLE TERRACE – A fifth-grade girl from Temple Terrace is under investigation for trying to poison a classmate’s water with bleach and assembling a “kill list” with other student’s names on it. Now kids have always gotten in trouble for doing dangerous and over the top things. And let’s hope that the fact that the police have gotten involved won’t destroy the rest of her life. But this is serious. This kid needs help. A 5th grader can still be turned around before they become a violent, criminal adult.

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Let’s think about the context of this in our society. Is this an isolated incident? Is this the act of a single, individual child? Or is this a reflection of where we are as a nation now? Maybe when we accept domestic abusers, and murderers as our sports stars, we should remember that our children are watching.
So before we rush to judge this kid, who admittedly has huge problems, let’s nt forget that we live in a country that revels in violence. We watch it on TV. We encourage it in our heroes. We adults need to take responsibility before blaming our kids.
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