Chris Ingram with James Holton on Tampa Bay Transportation

Lack of public transportation remains an issue

The Tampa Bay area continues to grow and thrive as it does, but there is one thing that sticks out as an area where the bay area is lacking:  Public transportation.  A lack of options outside of busing can make it hard to get around the cities and communities of Tampa Bay, much less getting between them.

In part because of this, the traffic in Tampa itself is getting worse and worse.  The traffic around the city has become infamous in the state of Florida, as complaints begin to grow about how difficult it can be to get around.

Of course, the area offers many challenges in regards to transportation, and it is in that vein that Chris Ingram and James Holden began to talk about the issue on The Chris Ingram Program.  Holden is the owner and president of Holton Companies, as well as the chairman of the Tampa Bay Area Regional Transit Authority.  Chris asks James Holton about the challenges of trying to unite five different counties with the common goal of transportation, an issue which impacts both our roads and the options outside of cars.

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