2 Drivers Caught Going Wrong-Way On Tampa Highways

Daniel palmer mugshot

Two drivers were caught early Thursday morning after they were found going the wrong way on Tampa roads.

The first driver was seen going north in a Toyota Camry in the southbound lanes of the Veteran’s Expressway between Memorial and Gun Highways at about 3:24 a.m. He was identified as Daniel Palmer (pictured). Officers ran breath tests on him, which resulted in 0.172 and 0.165.

The second was seen on his motorcycle going the wrong way on I-275. He too was going north in the southbound lanes.

Florida Highway Patrol, Tampa police and Hillsborough county deputies chased down the motorcyclist before he could cause a wreck.

They activated wrong-way signs and lights and set up at each exit between downtown Tampa and Bearass Avenue.

According to FHP, the cyclist had dropped his cell phone while going the right way and had turned around to get it. He was not impaired.

It’s unclear if any driver has been charged.