Tampa Surgeon Tells Howard Stern How To Fix His Face

howard_stern_2013A Tampa-based plastic surgeon had his work laid out for him Wednesday when he appeared on Howard Stern’s satellite radio show to offer the shock jock and his crew some advice on making their faces more attractive.

Adam Scheiner, 44, who has an office at 4303 N. Gomez Ave., evaluated the faces of several of the show’s cast members, including executive producer Gary Dell’Abate, whose “giant” teeth have been a running joke on the show for decades, and Stern himself, who has spent countless hours on air complaining about his looks.

In the segment, Scheiner told Dell’Abate that his upper jaw developed larger than the rest of his face, leading to “long face syndrome” and “gummy smile,” which could be fixed by removing a piece of his jaw bone.


Source: TBO