Tallahassee 8th Most Dangerous City

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — Forbes Magazine says Florida’s capital is the eighth most dangerous city in the nation.

Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell says no way.

Campbell says big-city crime numbers make little ole Tallahassee’s look like “pipsqueaks.”

The sheriff on Wednesday told The Tallahassee Democrat newspaper that the city’s ranking was due to an improper use of crime statistics.

It was based on FBI figures not just for the city but surrounding area in the Tallahassee metropolitan statistical area.

Forbes cites a high poverty rate and Tallahassee’s proximity to Interstate 10, which makes it attractive for drug runners.

Detroit tops the list followed by Memphis, Tenn.; Springfield, Ill.; Flint, Mich.; Anchorage, Alaska; Lubbock, Tex.; Stockton, Calif., and then Tallahassee.

Las Vegas and Rockford, Ill., round out the top ten.

Source: Associated Press