Sunday’s best Op-Ed’s


JFK works the crowds in Tampa back in 1963 just days before he was killed in Dallas 50 years ago.
JFK works the crowds in Tampa back in 1963 just days before he was killed in Dallas 50 years ago.

There were a number of interesting Op-Ed’s from around the country. Here are a few of the best of high interest topics:

Tampa Tribune on “Was President Kennedy targeted in Tampa in 1963?”

It’s said that if you remember the Sixties you weren’t really there. I remember those days, if only in snatches and I’m not always sure those are real. I mean I remember when The Beatles came to America and Channel 13 sportscaster Salty Sol Fleischman put on a Beatles’ wig, that sort of thing. I remember all night spook-a-thons at the drive-in theater and rock and roll spectaculars at the Clearwater Auditorium. Later on in that decade I remember getting greetings from Uncle Sam and it all sort of blurs after that. More…

Miami Herald on the Dolphins issues:   The gate opened at exactly 5 p.m. on Wednesday, and in they charged, onto the Miami Dolphins practice field like a pack of blitzing defensive linemen, a sight becoming all too familiar this week to coach Joe Philbin and quarterback Ryan Tannehill. More…


The Washington Post   On the Affordable Healthcare Act can still work.  
The anger over the botched rollout of the Affordable Care Act’s federal health insurance exchange — and over the conflicting explanations about whether people can keep their coverage — has been bipartisan and well-deserved. The administration needs to make personnel and management changes to get enrollment back on track. But the focus on insurance coverage obscures other parts of the ACA that are working well, even better than expected. It is increasingly clear that the cost curve is bending, and the ACA is a significant part of the reason. More…POLITICO has “Why the House must pass the ENDA.” By former press sec’t for Gorge Bush. Ari Fleischer:On Thursday, the U.S. Senate passed legislation to protect gay employees from job discrimination with an overwhelming bipartisan vote. Republicans should support these protections, and I hope the GOP leadership in the House schedules the bill for a vote. It’s the morally right thing to do. No one should lose their job, or not get hired, because of their sexual orientation. More… 


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