Student Punched Bus Attendant, School Board Paid Settlements

NAPLES, Fla. (AP) — Court documents show that a school board in Florida has paid out $100,000 to settle a lawsuit over injuries to a bus attendant from a student who punched him in the eye.

The Naples Daily News reported Tuesday that the settlement was reached in November and the bus attendant, Jonas Francoeur, resigned Dec. 12. Settlement documents did not describe the behavior that led to the incident.

The 57-year-old began working for the Collier School District as a substitute bus attendant in 2008 and transitioned to full time in 2013.

Collier schools spokesman Greg Turchetta says the money came out of the district’s workers compensation program— a self-insured program with a budget of roughly $1.4 million.

The newspaper reports the bus attendant declined to comment.