South African Teen ‘Played Dead’ To Survive Mall Attack

Kenya_Attack_2013Zachary Yach is an 18-year-old South African whose family recently moved to Kenya. He told the BBC’s Will Ross how he defied his dad’s orders to leave a restaurant where he was trapped for two and a half hours during the

My sister, my mum and I had just come from a doctor’s appointment and we headed off to a burger restaurant at Westgate for lunch.

We had just ordered our burgers and I was looking at the woman across from me and some pebbles, small rocks pieces of concrete were thrown at her and I was looking to see who was throwing the stuff.

Then a huge explosion really swept us off our feet – it was like a big gust of wind, like a sandstorm, things hitting your face and then a huge explosion which was ear piercing.

So we just dropped to the floor under the table, put our heads down and curled up for a good 20 or 30 minutes.



Source: BBC