Someone Filmed President Obama Working Out…Then Set It to Music

As many of you know from listening to our show, ‘Your Wake Up Call’ on AM 820 and 1190 News (shameless plug) President Obama has been very busy at the G7 Summit, talking with other world leaders about things like the crisis in Ukraine, energy strategies and how best to deal with Vladimir Putin.

He’s also been busy doing what many of us who are fond of Marriott Rewards and continental breakfasts do when away on business — work out. In this case, it’s the hotel gym at the Marriott in Warsaw, Poland, and someone decided to film him…then set it to music. Here’s this video:

As you can see…he enjoys lunges and bench step ups, bicep curls (hey, he’s got to keep up with Michelle) and shoulder presses and even yawns like the rest of us when sick and tired of three sets of 10-12.

The White House has confirmed that this is, indeed, President Obama. So here’s proof that even our own president isn’t above ‘operation shred’ and needs some work to get beach-ready too. #OperationShred

You can see more snapshots of the president pumping iron here.