Snoring Cured By Singing Excercise

A study carried out by the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital has proved that snoring can be reduced simply by singing.

For three months, the patients in the clinical trial have been doing singing exercises to improve the tone of their throat muscles.

Choir director Alise Ojay is the inventor of Singing for Snorers exercises.

She told Today presenter Evan Davis that she had found that patients who sung the sounds “ung” and “gar” found that their snoring decreased or stopped.

Hello. I’m Alise Ojay – the sound ung-gar is the only example I had time for on the Today Programme interview – in fact the Singing for Snorers CD programme uses a number of different sounds and tunes to cause strong repetitive movements in the areas of the throat relevant to snoring. I have not said that simply singing this one sound is sufficient. Also since the action of the exercises is to tone the throat, they are designed for people who are snoring at least significantly because their throat muscles have become lax. (Many people start to snore as they grow older for this reason, but weight gain especially around the throat is another cause and the exercises will not preferentially remove fat from the throat.)

Source: BBC