Sinai Militants Allegedly Behind Cairo Bombing

Cairo_CarBomb_2013CAIRO (AP) — A militant group in Egypt’s northern Sinai Peninsula has allegedly claimed responsibility for a failed assassination attempt on the country’s interior minister.

The brazen bomb attack in Cairo on Thursday targeting Mohammed Ibrahim killed a civilian bystander and wounded 21 others, including policemen.

In a statement allegedly by Ansar Jerusalem posted on militant websites Sunday, the Islamic extremist group claims responsibility for the attack on Ibrahim. The statement says military chief Gen. Abdel-Fatah el-Sissi, who led a coup against the former president, is another target.

The claim could not be verified for authenticity. If it is true, it would be the first attack against security forces outside northern Sinai by the militants.

The statement comes as the military wages its largest offensive in northern Sinai in years.

Source: Associated Press