Severed Leg Found by Tourists

 St. Petersburg Police are asking questions about a woman’s leg that washed ashore Tuesday morning.

A tourist from Canada found the leg behind their rental house, and police say it was cleanly shaving, with no tattoos, and missing a foot.

Neighbors are very disturbed by the finding and wonder if the rest of the body will turn up, because detectives say the leg had only been in the water a few hours – a day or two at most.

“Sometimes you’ll have situations where maybe somebody has found a crime scene but no body. Suddenly, we have now at least a body part in this case, so there are a number of different things,” explains Mike Puetz with St. Pete Police. Detectives can’t be certain the woman was murdered, but they say that’s the most likely possibility.

For now, police don’t know very much. Investigators await more information from the Medical Examiner’s Office like the age and race of the woman. Detectives are also cross-checking missing persons cases and alerting other authorities across the region.

St. Pete Police want anyone who may have information about the woman’s leg to call (727) 892-5000.