Servers’ Revenge – Servers Speaking Out About You!

FNRN - FACEBOOK PIC - SERVERS REVENGENext time you’re in a restaurant look around… diners are using their phones to upload pictures and stories about the places they visit and the foods they eat.  Sometimes the tales about the restaurants and servers are true, but often, it’s just a bunch of hot air and the servers take the brunt of unwarranted criticism.

That’s why we created “Servers’ Revenge” as an opportunity for service industry workers to say what they REALLY think about their guests.

This week on “Servers’ Revenge,” the story of what happens in a restaurant around a full moon, spanking a child in public and the story of a server who took care of two National Guardsmen during the government shutdown.


If you work in the service industry and have a story to share or want to back to the guests who make you mad, just send it to us.  We’ll digitize your words to audio and protect your identify.  Send it to: or


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