Senate Four Votes Shy Of Overriding Obama’s Veto On Keystone Bill


The Senate is expected to be just four votes shy of overriding President Barrack Obama’s veto on the Keystone legislation, which Obama believes would take the decision out of the hands of the executive branch.

The chamber’s 54 Republicans are all expected to support the bill, as well as nine Democrats, but that’s not enough to achieve the two-thirds majority. Obama said last week that he’d veto the measure, so they’ll need that to pass it.

Right now we’ve got about 63 [votes],” Senator John Hoeven said. “But we’re going to the floor with an open amendment process, trying to foster more bipartisanship … so that we can pass this measure and other measures and either override the veto or attach the bill to other legislation that will get 67 votes.”

One Democrat said he doesn’t expect the President’s veto will be overrided, as Senatore Chris Coons of Delaware said, “It’s clear that there will not be a veto override.”

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