Seffner Bandit Finally Stopped

Authorities have been one step behind 32 year old Andre King for two years now. The Seffner resident has been holding up businesses around town unmolested—that is until Tuesday night.

King’s luck ran out at the Stop ‘n Save Food Store on Clewis Avenue when a clerk was tipped off that King was on his way into the store with a mask over his face and a gun in his hand.

And then something happened that hadn’t happened before. The clerk pointed his own gun at King. Stunned by the sudden table-turning, King fled the store, got into his car, and sped away. But not before Hillsborough Sheriff’s deputies saw him and gave chase.

Minutes later, the chase ended with King’s car against a light pole in Brandon.

King has been charged with 8 armed robberies so far, but authorities suspect him of at least 21 and maybe more.