Secret Pentagon U.F.O. Program Sparks Interest Of Many

It’s not often the New York Times publishes stories about unidentified flying objects, but a recent story by Ralph Blumenthal has sparked the interest of many.

On the Trail of a Secret Pentagon U.F.O. Program” unravels a two-month journey that started with a tip to author Leslie Kean. Blumenthal joined Florida Live with Dan Maduri to talk about the spark his story lit.

“Well U.F.O.’s haven’t been the prime topic for the New York Times, until now,” joked Blumenthal.

Kean and Blumenthal pieced together the remarkable piece that began when Kean attended a confidential meeting Oct. 4 in a Pentagon City hotel with several intelligence officials. There she met Luis Elizondo, the director of a Pentagon program: the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. Does that suggest we are a step closer to having alien life visit the planet?

Still image of an unidentified flying object in a video from the Department of Defense, spotted by a U.S. Navy jet. Photo: Department of Defense via The New York Times.

“The investigation of the Pentagon unit, the program, really did not get into the question of what intelligence was behind the wheel or where these objects may be coming from,” said Blumenthal. “They had their hands full just trying to identify these objects and decide if they are real or not.”

Tune in as Blumenthal and Maduribreak down the observations of these U.F.O.’s and the program behind it.