Search Area May Not Be Accurate In Flight 370

The search area in the Indian Ocean that recovery teams have been scouring for more than a month is probably not the final resting place of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 jetliner.

The announcement by the Australian task force in charge of the operation on Thursday came a day after a U.S. Navy official said Wednesday the pings detected in early April were probably not from the black boxes and could have in fact been from the search ships themselves.

In other news, after over 30 years in radio, ABC’s Linda Albin will be retiring at the end of this week. Linda’s covered more of the most impactful and extraordinary events the world has seen, from the drowning of Pan Am 103, Desert Storm, the death of Princess Diana, the Intifada for which Linda won a Murrow, and a number of other awards, to the death of Pope John Paul. Linda has covered it all and discusses her most riveting stories from over the years with AM 820 News anchor Robert Pankau.