Sea Snail Grows Inside 4-Year-Old’s Knee

During a family trip to the beach last month, 4-year-old Paul Franklin fell and scraped his right knee.

That’s not unusual; little boys do all the time.

It’s what emerged from his swollen knee that makes this a tale worth telling: a snail.

Paul of Aliso Viejo, California, was walking along the beach when he dinged his knee against a rock.

“We just cleaned it up, put a Band-Aid on it,” his father, Ken Franklin, told CNN affiliate KCAL. “Before you know it, a couple weeks later, his knee was very swollen and somewhat infected.”

A doctor told Paul’s mom, Rachael, that it might be a nasty staph infection. Antibiotics helped, but there was a growing black bump underneath the skin.

“It looked like a rock. It was a black thing,” she told the station. “I put it on a paper towel and I’m like, ‘That is a weird looking rock. It has swirls on it,’ and I turn it over and it is a sea snail.”

Source: CNN