Saving Joy For A Special Needs Child

dogLithia, Florida – The Veterinary Center at Fishhawk (VCF) and the Hillsborough Animal Health Foundation (HAHF) announced they are canvassing our local community for a family with a special needs child who could benefit from a life-long buddy they named Joy. Veterinarians, technicians, and an animal loving community recently came together to save Joy.

Joy has a special story. Last week a Good Samaritan found a young black Labrador-mix female dog roaming the streets. She was covered in gasoline and in severe pain from a badly broken leg. Joy was rushed to the Veterinary
Center at Fishhawk (VCF) in Lithia, Florida. The VCF staff suspected Joy may have been abused and/or possibly struck by a car.

The VCF team was able to initially stabilize the broken leg but quickly realized the break was so severe that amputation was considered. Any hope of saving the leg would require the services of a highly-talented and skilled
orthopedic surgeon. The team also considered Joy’s young age (about a year old), her extremely joyful and remarkable disposition throughout the ordeal. So, the team decided against amputation and instead decided to take a chance
to help Joy and contacted Doctor Callum Hay, Veterinary Surgical Specialists, considered one of the best board certified orthopedic specialists in the area. After consulting with the VCF team, Doctor Hay agreed to take the case.

On February 14, 2014, Joy was picked up from Doctor Hay’s veterinary surgical center and transported back to the VCF clinic to recover and receive additional medical care. Doctors say she will be on cage rest for about four weeks but is doing well and getting better every day.

VCF provided Joy’s medical services for free and Doctor Hay substantially reduced the costs of his services. However the remaining costs for Joy’s surgery and recovery were expected to exceed several thousand dollars.
Remarkably, VCF clients heard about Joy’s situation and came to her rescue. They donated enough money to cover all of her expenses to ensure she could get well and hopefully bring joy to a special child!

To help with this endeavor, the Bark Busters Home Dog Training team has joined the effort. They have agreed to provide quality training to Joy to make her the perfect dog for the child and family who adopt this special girl.

“Joy is simply a wonderful dog and she should be shared with a special child,” said Don Thompson, Executive Director, Hillsborough Animal Health Foundation. Joy is an absolutely remarkable dog, and we believe our community efforts should go toward helping someone very special.

Source: Hillsborough Animal Health Foundation