Sarasota County Unanimously Passes Designer Drug Ordinance

Sheriff Tom Knight is pleased to announce that the Sarasota County Board of County Commissioners unanimously passed the designer drug ordinance today, creating a ban on products such as synthetic marijuana, bath salts and other items designed to mimic the impairing effects of controlled substances.

In a vote of 5-0, the commission banned the sale, possession and manufacturing of synthetic drugs that are designed to impair the user. This includes products that are intentionally misbranded, as in the case of synthetic
marijuana which is often labeled as “incense” and “not intended for human consumption.” The ordinance also makes it illegal to misidentify or omit ingredients on product packaging.

“The Board of County Commissioners clearly understood the importance of banning these substances to protect our community,” said Sheriff Knight. “There is no legitimate use for synthetic drugs and now we can safeguard our
youth from their harmful effects.”

The Sarasota County ordinance fills the gap between products regulated as controlled substances and products regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It also creates criminal and civil penalties for those who violate the ordinance.

Once the ordinance is officially recorded by the State of Florida, the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office will take immediate enforcement action.

Source: Sarasota Sheriff’s Office