Have Santa Come To Your Home

 In a few days Santa Claus will begin his trek around the world, delivering toys to all the little boys and girls. Of course most of us will be asleep when Santa stops by but if you contact groups like Palm Tree Santas you can schedule a home visit with the big fella when everyone is up.

Santa Bob, as he is called, has been doing home visits for a decade. He says scheduling Santa for an hour long home visit can cost $150 during the week, $200 during the weekend and up to $350 on Christmas Eve.

“It’s a memory that those children will remember all of their lives,” Santa Bob said.

Visits can include songs, reading of a Christmas story and pictures.

If having Santa stop by is not enough, you can also rent a snow machine from the Brandon-based company Zigmont Magic FX. For $275 you can rent a machine to make it snow in your front yard even when it’s above freezing.

Source:  Preston Rudie – 10 News