Mother Faces Abuse Charges After Shaking Infant

Karina Welker

A St. Petersburg mother is facing an aggravated assault charge after her 6-month-old infant son, who was found unresponsive in his crib, had several broken bones.

Per the St. Petersburg Police Department, officers were called to the home at 5998 6th Ave South on October 10 at 6 p.m. All paramedics knew at the time of responding was that the mother found her son unresponsive in his crib.

The child, Dimtri Smith, was pronounced dead.

During an autopsy conducted by the Medical Examiner’s Office, injuries were detected to the baby which were consistent with child abuse, including broken bones to the arm, clavicle and ribs.

The mother, 22-year-old Karina Welker, admitted to becoming frustrated with the child’s crying and in response she would squeeze and shake the baby. She also admitted to knowing of at least one injury but never seeking medical treatment.

Additional charges are pending a final determination by the Medical Examiner’s Office as to the cause of the child’s death.