Man Claims To Have Ebola, Delays Florida Flight

A hazmat situation occurred Sunday night on an Allegiant Airlines flight from St. Petersburg, Florida to Youngstown, Ohio after an 18-year-old said he had Ebola.

According to WKBN, the man, 18-year-old Joshua Marshall, caused the passengers to be kept on the plane for an hour as a hazmat team came in to investigate.

“We got off the plane after about an hour and a half and they still wouldn’t tell us anything,” said passenger Amy Lewandowski via WKBN. “It is just really unnerving when you don’t know anything. People are talking and spreading rumors. It is just really scary.”

According to the report, Marshall had been sick and vomited on the plane. He was then taken to the hospital and then to jail for causing panic.

He claims that he had recently lost his father and is now bipolar, the news station says.