Charlie Crist Favors Hillary-Style Gun Control

Dan Maduri hosted former Florida governor Charlie Crist on AM 820’s Florida Live on Tuesday.

Crist formally announced his intentions to run for David Jolly’s seat in Pinellas County’s District 13.

Maduri asked Crist about open carry legislation in the state and what he would do to prevent gun owners from carrying weapons to St. Petersburg’s world-class beaches.

“It was very clear the other day when Secretary Clinton talked about this issue and said ‘we’ve got to reign this in, we’ve got to have very effective universal background checks and make sure that people that may have a difficulty emotionally or otherwise don’t have the opportunity to carry guns,'” Crist said.

He called the situation “out of control.”

Clinton said it was “worth considering” a review of Australia’s gun confiscation policy where they removed all guns from the hands of their citizens.

“Australia is a good example, Canada is a good example, the U.K. is a good example. Why? Because each of them have had mass killings,” Clinton said. “Australia had a huge mass killing about 20, 25 years ago, Canada did as well, so did the U.K. And, in reaction, they passed much stricter gun laws.”

Universal background checks don’t quite accomplish the goals politicians want to achieve — which is the seizure of all guns from the hands of American citizens. The notion that some sort of “mental or emotional” situation might exclude a person from owning a gun leaves the door open for a wide threshold of conditions.

If a person visited a clinical social worker or psychiatrist would they be excluded? Would the government gain information — although it certainly has control of data through Obamacare — violating doctor-patient privilege?

If a patient is on depression or anxiety medicine to get over a rough patch in their life, does that disqualify them from owning a gun? What are the parameters for someone to be deemed “emotionally stable”?

We point out, in the case of Sandy Hook Elementary, the shooter got his hands on legally-obtained guns, killed the owner of those weapons (his mom) and went about his rampage. None of these proposed policies — with the exception of outright confiscation — would’ve worked.

And in the case of a gun-free zone, they merely create soft targets nefarious characters will target.

Of course, the Second Amendment exists so the citizenry of this country can protect itself not only from violent criminals, but from an overreaching government. And with this government getting bigger and bigger by the month, pardon ordinary citizens if they’re feeling more than suspicious about the government’s long-term intentions.

What you don’t see in the media are the stories where armed Americans prevent mass shootings.

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