Another Possible Clown Sighting By A High School

LARGO, Fla.- A report of a possible clown sighting near Largo High School was received by the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday.

The Sheriff’s Office confirmed that the report came from a Largo High School student’s mother. The Sheriff’s spokeswoman said the person was reported wearing a yellow polka dot suit, white mask with yellow eyes and red hair, and red clown shoes.

The mother took to social media after her daughter said there was a clown at her bus stop off Trotter Road near 134th Avenue.

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Supposedly the clown was hiding in bushes when the teen got off the bus. When the girl saw the clown and started running the clown allegedly chased after her.

This is one of numerous sightings that come a week after a sighting of a clown on a dark road in Ocala. The video of the clown standing on the side of the road has generated 1.1M views on Facebook.

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The sightings have become widespread across the country. However, several of these sightings have been confirmed hoaxes. Because of these hoaxes resources have been taken away from authorities.

Under Florida law these clowns could easily face a misdemeanor charge though.

Florida Law That Clowns Are Breaking

Florida residents have seen the creepy clown sightings that have been taking place in other states. But now they are finding their state on national news for these clown sightings as well.

Reports to local law enforcement of clown sightings have reached all across Florida. The most recent reporting was Tuesday night in Gainesville. The clown was reported on foot and gave someone an uncomfortable stare-down. That was the second clown sighting report, earlier children reported seeing a van with four men dressed up like clowns looking frighten people.

Further south in Palm Bay, Fla residents and authorities have been on high alert since a resident reported seeing two clowns staring at her from across the road while she was walking her dog.

Within that same time span a video surfaced on Facebook of clowns standing silently on the side of a popular road lurking in tall grass at night in Marion County, Fla. The clown’s mask’s orange matted hair, big eyes, red nose and contorted face sent chills down the spine of residents.

Earlier this month a video surfaced out of Pensacola, of a clown lurking in someones backyard. Two days later the poster of the video explained this wasn’t part of the clown sightings that have been taking place, but instead it was a private prank meant only for her.


Across the country police have been doing their best to arrest these clowns. Authorities are not only worried about the residents safety, but the clowns run the risk of being shot by someone that might be a concealed weapons carrier if they are frightened badly enough.

Luckily in Florida there is one law that might help charge these creepy clowns. In Florida it is illegal to wear a mask with the intent to intimidate or harass a person. Although there is exemptions to this law (Halloween), anyone using a mask, hood, etc. to intimidate, abuse, etc. another person can be charged with a misdemeanor.