Russell Brand Coming To Tampa

russel_brand_2013Russell Brand doesn’t hold back when it comes to getting a laugh or telling a painful truth, but when there’s an opportunity to do both – look out.

Case in point: the British GQ Men of the Year Awards, where Brand recently stunned and amused the audience by saying fashion giant Hugo Boss — the main sponsor for the event — had “made the uniforms for the Nazis.”

“The Nazis did have flaws, but you know, they did look (expletive) fantastic, lets face it, while they were killing people on the basis of their religion and sexuality,” Brand said with a wry smile while accepting something called the Oracle Award. A video of the speech is on YouTube.

British newspapers reported Brand was kicked out of the awards show’s after-party over the comment.

“No, I wouldn’t say ‘kicked out,’ but the media tends to blow these things up. There was certainly a bit of a confrontation,” Brand said when he called the Tampa Tribune a few days later. “The problem, I found out, is that it’s frowned upon to point out that the sponsor of the event you’re at made fashionable outfits for a genocide, because the sponsor sort of owns the event. I just looked at the night as me and my mate (Oasis songwriter) Noel Gallagher having some fun. We were trying to make each other laugh.”



Source: TBO