Rick Scott Signs Legislation That Cuts $400M Annual Vehicle Registration Fees

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Today, Governor Rick Scott was joined by Senate President Don Gaetz, Speaker of the House Will Weatherford and other members of Florida Legislature, as well as county tax collectors and business community leaders to sign Senate Bill 156 that cuts $400 million in annual vehicle registration fees for Florida families. Governor Scott also sent a letter to the tax collectors encouraging Floridians who require a registration renewal before September 1 to only register for one year. To view the Governor’s letter to the tax collectors, click HERE.

“Last winter, we announced our intent to return $500 million to Floridians by cutting taxes. Today, we are rolling back many of the 2009 tax increases on annual motor vehicle registrations. This will result in an annual savings of $25 per typical motor vehicle and will let families keep nearly $400 million of their hard-earned money in their own pockets—because it’s their money!”

Senate President Don Gaetz said, “From day one of the 2014 Legislative Session, Governor Scott and the Florida Legislature committed to making a reduction in vehicle fees the centerpiece of meaningful tax relief for Florida’s families. I am pleased to see Senator Negron’s bill become the centerpiece of the Governor’s $500 million ‘It’s Your Money’ tax cut and honored to witness this recurring reduction in vehicle registration fees become law here today.”

House Speaker Will Weatherford (R-Wesley Chapel) said, “The Florida House was proud to make lowering fees for Florida drivers a priority this session. Governor Scott has been a leader on keeping taxes low for Florida’s families and I thank him for signing one of our top priorities into law today.”

Senator Joe Negron said, “I am proud to have been the sponsor of SB 156. By signing the bill today, Governor Scott will roll back $400 million in car registration fees that was put in place in 2009. He is putting money back into the pockets of Florida families and this is great news!”

Representative Ritch Workman said, “I thank Governor Scott for his leadership to give tax dollars back to Florida families. Since 2009, Florida families have paid too much for registering their cars and this legislation changes that. I am thankful our Governor supports the notion of not taking revenue we don’t need from Floridians.”

Representative Mike Hill said, “By rolling back the car registration fees, families and businesses will all feel the benefits of Governor Scott’s work that created such positive economic recovery for Florida. It is great to know this legislation will have a positive impact on everyone who drives a vehicle in Florida and I am proud to support it.”

Mark Wilson, President and CEO of the Florida Chamber of Commerce said, “No new taxes or fees mean more freedom for Floridians and small businesses, and more economic growth for Florida. Governor Scott’s tax relief efforts will put money back into the pockets of Floridians and small businesses and further help Florida to become more competitive. The Florida Chamber applauds the Florida Legislature and Governor Scott for working to cut taxes on Florida’s families and job creators,”

Tom Feeney, President and CEO of Associated Industries of Florida said, “Today is a great day for the taxpayers of Florida because they are getting to keep more of their own money. This is a win for Floridians who register their family car and for businesses who register fleets. I am proud to stand with Governor Scott as he rolls back the 2009 annual tax on motor vehicle fee registrations.”

Bill Herrle, Florida Executive Director of the National Federation of Independent Business said, “The signing of this legislation today is very exciting for motorists who will start paying less for their annual vehicle registration this fall. This reduction will directly benefit the families and businesses of Florida. On behalf of all those who will benefit from this fee reduction, I say thank you Governor Scott.”

Source: Rick Scott Press Release