Rick Scott Plans Job Announcement In Tampa

rick_scott_2013TAMPA — Gov. Rick Scott is expected to make a major jobs announcement this afternoon at an east Tampa office building.

As in most such announcements, the state and local economic agencies are being quiet about the company that is expanding or relocating here. However, some clues indicate it may be affiliated with a Tampa-based insurance services company called HealthPlan Holdings.

That company helps insurance carriers recuit and retain customers and offers an online insurance marketplace, where consumers can browse from different insurers.

Scott is expected to make a jobs announcement at 2:30 p.m. today at an office building at 6700 Lakeview Center Drive in Tampa. The governor’s office issued no other information about the press conference or the company behind it, but a spokeswoman for the Tampa Hillsborough Economic Development Corp. alerted the media that the announcement would be big.

One clue pointing to HealthPlan Holdings as the possible subject of the press conference is found in Hillsborough County building permits. Dozens of pages of documents in those permits mention a major remodeling job at the site of today’s governor’s visit and identify the remodeling as an economic development project. The documents never reveal what company is commissioning the remodeling, but HealthPlan Holdings’ vice president of procurement is copied on one of the documents.

Source: TBO