Rick Scott Bans Six Synthetic Drugs

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Today, Governor Rick Scott signed House Bill 697, which bans six new synthetic drugs. House Bill 697 adds six additional substances to Florida’s drug crime laws, making it a third-degree felony for an individual to “sell, manufacture, or deliver, or possess with intent to sell, manufacture or deliver” these dangerous drugs. This legislation also adds three extremely lethal synthetic compounds to the trafficking statute.
Governor Rick Scott said, “Thanks to the hard work of our superior law enforcement officers and prosecutors, Florida is at a 43 year crime low, but we must keep working to ensure our children are protected from these dangerous substances. By signing this bill into law, we are giving the brave men and women who serve in our communities each day the authority needed to keep Florida families and visitors safe.”

Attorney General Pam Bondi said, “I thank Governor Rick Scott for signing this key public safety bill that will help protect Floridians, especially our youth, from deadly synthetic drugs. Just recently the Florida Medical Examiners began documenting deaths caused by synthetic drugs, which will help us better track trends related to these drugs and enhance our efforts to protect Floridians.”

Senator Rob Bradley, Senate bill sponsor, said, “Year after year, Governor Scott has demonstrated his commitment to keeping Florida residents and visitors safe. I am proud to see this legislation become law as we continue to work together to protect every individual who lives, works or vacations in our great state.”

Senator Greg Evers said, “By signing this important bill into law, Governor Scott is helping our law enforcement crack down on very dangerous substances in our state. I am proud to stand with the governor as we work to protect Florida’s children and communities.”

Representative Clay Ingram, House bill sponsor, said, “I applaud Governor Scott for signing this important legislation, which will keep dangerous synthetic drugs off the market. Our number one goal is to protect our children and keep them safe – and this legislation will go a long way in achieving that goal.”

Representative Matt Hudson said, “I commend Governor Scott for signing this legislation to strengthen Florida’s drug laws. We remain committed to keeping families safe by eliminating dangerous substances from our communities.”

Representative Matt Gaetz said, “Florida’s brave law enforcement officers work every day to keep these dangerous substances away from our families and our children. By signing this legislation, Governor Scott is helping to provide our officers with the support they need to carry on this challenge.”

Representative Jeanette Nuñez said, “The Governor’s decision to sign this bill into law is an important achievement for safety in our state. This legislation will continue our efforts to keep families safe by keeping dangerous drugs out of our homes and communities.”

Representative Debbie Mayfield said, “As a mother of three public safety is especially important to me. Ensuring the safety of our state requires a group effort. I thank Governor Scott for joining law enforcement and legislators as we work across Florida to keep our homes and communities safe and drug free.”

Source: Rick Scott Press Office