School Uninformed Of Enterovirus Student


A Lakeland schools says that it was never informed by a health official that the school had a student that was infected with Enterovirus D68, according to WFLA News Channel 8.

The Florida Department of Health said Tuesday afternoon that a 10-year-old girl has the virus and that she was being treated at a hospital.

According to a spokesperson for the St. Joseph Academy, the school found out from the media, not the girl’s parents, who failed to inform school officials.

The Tampa General Hospital says that the girl was transferred to TGH from another hospital a month ago. After six days, she was released from TGH.

The school says it has begun safety measures now that she has been officially diagnosed.

“Upon notification by the media, we initiated our precautionary measures for safety within the school and have contacted the health department for further confirmation of the information reported by the media,” said Carol Brinati, who is Chancellor for Administration at the Diocese of Orlando, according to WFLA.

If a parent is concerned, they may call the FDOH or their child’s physician, according to Brinati.