Reddit Shuts Down Navy Yard Page

reddit_2013Months after apologizing for overeager users fingering innocent people as potential suspects in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings, Reddit on Monday shut down a section devoted to chasing down the Washington Navy Yard shooter.

Clicking on the page, or “subreddit” as specialized communities are called on the site, “FindNavyYardShooters” now leads to an image of a closed door wrapped in yellow “Caution” tape and a message saying it has been banned.

“We banned it because it violated site rules by encouraging the posting of personal information,” Reddit general manager Erik Martin said in a prepared statement. “We don’t allow the posting of personal information under any circumstances.”

The subreddit was created when authorities were still searching for suspects and it was unclear whether there was one shooter or multiple shooters. But Reddit shut it down almost immediately.

Source: CNN