Reasons You Shouldn’t Download iOS 7 Right Away

ios_7_2013It’s that time again — time to decide whether to hop on the bus to early-adopters-ville, or hang back, maybe sipping your mocha latte, knowingly watching the bus’s taillights disappear into the gloom from beneath the brim of your won’t-get-fooled-again beret.

Of course you don’t need to upgrade to iOS 7 immediately. You can bide your time, ignore the hype and just skip the longish wait times you’re likely to encounter downloading the update on launch day. And yes, iOS 6 works fine and should continue to indefinitely. There’s nothing so pressing or fantastic about Apple‘s mobile OS makeover that your iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch can’t live without it.

But…it’s a brand new version of iOS! I share your Christmas-in-September enthusiasm, and I can tell you I won’t be waiting, but then I’m paid not to. Should you join the throngs about leap?

When iOS 6 arrived, I got lucky and pulled the whole thing down in just a few minutes. My colleagues, by comparison, had to wait several hours. No, iOS doesn’t lock up your phone while it’s downloading the update direct to the phone, but if you don’t want the stress of popping over every few minutes to note the download bar’s barely moved a pixel, give it a day or two, then make the jump.

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