Razor Blade Found In Burger King Cheeseburger

A California woman appears to have gotten lucky, noticing that her Burger King cheeseburger contained an unpleasant surprise before she took too many bites.

The woman tells KXTV that she was checking for onions on the burger when she noticed something alien — a single-edge razor blade — sandwiched between the beef patty and the cheese slice.

When the local police got the call to investigate the found object, they were admittedly suspicious.
“To be honest with you, I thought it was going to be a hoax,” one officer says.

But after looking into the matter, the officer believes that it was neither a hoax nor a deliberate attempt to harm a customer. Instead, it was carelessness.

Officers say that when they checked out the BK kitchen, they found several razor blades sitting very close to food — above the condiments, in front of and above the burger warmers — so close that one could easily have fallen onto the customer’s cheeseburger.

It’s no longer a police matter, but one for the county’s Department of Environmental Health, which will look into how the BK handles and stores its sharp objects.

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