Raheem Morris dismisses latest job rumor

Bucs’ Head Coach Raheem Morris dismissed the latest report, about his coaching future.  He said he doesn’t respond to speculation.

ESPN’s John Clayton reported that the Bucs intended to fire Morris on Monday, a day after the 41-14 loss to Jacksonville.  But the team didn’t have a suitable assistant on the staff to take over.

There were no collaborations to the story.

“I know there’s a cloud outside the organization,” said Raheem Morris.  “But once you come inside there are rays of sunshine… But you’ve seen how these guys react to each other, and how they play.. You guys (media) make it gloomy and doomy for us, but we do our best to keep the rain away… They’re awesome… We don’t worry about that stuff.”

The Buccaneers take on the Dallas Cowboys, Saturday, at Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium.

Source: 10 News