President Obama: Democrats Face Serious Challenge In Senate


According to the Associated Press, President Obama says the political landscape for this midterm election is tilting more against Democrats than for in the Senate. In fact, he believes the challenge his political party faces in the Senate tonight compares to the 1958 Republican losses during Eisenhower’s presidency.

That year, in Eisenhower’s second midterm, the Republican Party lost 13 Senate seats to the Democratic Party, who also gained two seats from the newly admitted state of Alaska.

It is Election Day 2014 and one third of Senate seats are up for election this evening, with many states featuring close races leaning towards voting for the Republican Party according to Obama.

While President Obama’s assessment points out that tonight could be rough for the Democratic Party, Vice President Joe Biden predicted earlier that Democrats could and would lose seats tonight. However, he doesn’t think his party will lose control of the Senate, keeping a 52-48 majority.

Another interesting thing to note that of the ten races most up for grabs this evening, seven are in states in which Obama lost during his 2012 campaign.