Popularity Of “E-cigarettes” Grows

ST. PETERSBURG – On one end of Vapor Road, shop owner Lisa Brothers talked with a customer about different electronic cigarette vaporizers. On the other, two tourists – a mother and daughter from New York – stood at three tables filled with 150 colorful vials of “e-juice,” comparing notes on the flavors they’d tried.

“Try voodoo, try voodoo!” said a little girl with the pair, as the women traded puffs of many of the nicotine-laced juices, which come in flavors such as Snickers, hazelnut coffee and piña colada.

Sales of electronic cigarettes are surging across the country and in Pinellas County, driven by their increased visibility in the market, people’s desire to quit using tobacco products and convenience – You can “vape” almost anywhere, and it doesn’t make you smell bad.

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